Christmas countdown – how many days till Christmas

Christmas countdown Christmas Aayu wanted a gift.he got the gift but don’t know who my Santa was, Let us see who was his Santa was?

Let us see the story, it will be fun. Listen will you have some tea? yes, make some.

Sister, what are you doing? Can’t you see? I am drawing. Sister listens to me, Yes.

Christmas is about to come, right sister? .yes, What gift do you want for Christmas?

I don’t want it for Christmas, I want it for the new year. We also have a party in our school

I’ll get a new dress for the new year and I have saved up for it. I don’t have any money. What do you want?I want to buy a Disney Pixar car. It is very nice. There was this car movie? hmm. I want those Disney cars, Sister tells me what should I do? See, I don’t know. Christmas countdown.

christmas countdown
Christmas countdown

I’ll go now, I have to my tuition. What should I do now? Let me do one thing,I will ask mom for it

Mom, what are you doing? I am making tea for dad. Mom do you know? Christmas is about to come

yes, I know Christmas is just around the corner, So have you prepared something for it. I haven’t done any preparation. Mom people cut the cake on Christmas, Santa Claus comes and gives us a gift, hmm. I’ll get the cake and if Santa Claus comes.he will give you a gift, Mom I want a gift from Santa. Which gift? I want a Disney car, Disney car? Christmas countdown.

How many more cars do you need? Your whole drawer is filled with cars. you want more cars now.No mom that’s a really nice car. See I’ve already bought you so many cars. Your drawer is filled with cars.

I won’t buy you any more cars, If you want it, ask dad, Dad, what are you doing? I’m working.

Do you know Christmas is about to come? Yes, I know. Dad, I want a gift

Christmas gift? Oh, so what do you want? I want Disney cars. What?Disney cars. You already have so many cars. I can’t get you anymore, ask mom, Mom says ask say to ask mom

What should I do? See, ask your mom only not me.No one is buying me a gift. Now whom should I ask? Yes, I’ll ask Santa only. Christmas countdown.

Dear Santa, Please give me, Disney Pixar car. Thank you, your friend Aayu.Oh he slept early today

What? My letter has disappeared, which means, Santa will fulfill my wish. now I will get a gift

Yeah.but where did he kept my gift? All the doors and windows are closed at night. He must have kept it upstairs. There is no gift here. Yes, I’ll look on the terrace. I found the gift. Thank you, Santa.

Yeah. I found the gift. Yeah, I am so happy. I got my gift.woww.Christmas countdown.

Wow.. these are the same cars. the ones that were in the movie and this is my favorite. Lightning McQueen.and Mater is my favorite too. Whenever a car stops.attach it to this. then I can tow it

Now I will open this.and this is my favorite car. Lightning McQueen.I will play it on the floor. Boohoo.

Yeah, my car is the fastest. This is the bigger Mater.and this is the small Mater. I’ll put it on the racing track. Now I will open this one. Blue one, it’s name is  Jackson Storm. the car looks so nice right.some of them were in the movies.some of them have stories.and some are race tracks. Thank you mom for these nice cars.Christmas countdown.

Oh, wow.. so many beautiful cars. Who bought it? You only bought these.No I didn’t. Then who? Where did you get this gift from? It was on the terrace. Did dad buy these for you? I don’t know. Did you ask dad for it?yes

Papa became a Santa for you. Ruchi gives me breakfast. Our.. who bought so many cars?Meaning?? You only brought these Me? No, I didn’t, even I didn’t. Aayu where did you get so many cars from? such nice ones, I got them from the terrace. You must have kept the gift. Christmas countdown.

Tell us, you only got this right? No, I didn’t. You must have. I didn’t get these, why would I. I already said no to him. Aayu where did you get these cars from? They were on the terrace.on the terrace

So many cars. It was packed in a gift box.they were gift packed. Who is Aayu’s Santa then? These are such nice cars. Oh, Dad.Yes.I understand everything now.what?I wrote a letter last night.Christmas countdown.

Letter?To whom? To Santa Claus, that brings me the Disney Pixar car, and when I woke up and checked, the letter wasn’t there .see, this is not how it happens.No the Santa, doesn’t really come.

My Santa came, you can say whatever you want. I am going to play now. Okay, fine. I’ll get you your breakfast, yes. My car and mater will race now. Christmas countdown. red car won. have some teams. But I don’t understand one thing. even I don’t understand who would have kept.this gift on the terrace. I didn’t keep it, neither did you

1 minute, We also have a 4th member in our house, who? Pihu, yes who else. Did you ask her? But where will Pihu get these from? just a minute. Pihu had some money saved up. she wanted a dress for the new year .call her Pihu …. Pihu…… Christmas countdown.

Yes mom, coming, Pihu you wanted a dress for the new year right?yes .when will you buy it? We will buy it today.No mom there is still so much time left. we will get it later.No but the sale is going on we will go right now, come, you have the money saved upright?

Come, Do one thing, give me the money. I will get the dress for you okay.No mom. What happened? I spent all my money.hmm..Ma’am spent all her money, Where did you spend it?

We know it now, Why did you spend your own money? for his cars. because you said no and he believed in Santa, that he will get him the gift and I didn’t want to disappoint him, that is why I did this. Did you tell that to Aayu? countdown.

Aayu still thinks, Santa came and kept this gift for him(Laughing). Pihu is now a secret Santa for Aayu. Now, who will be Pihu’s secret Santa?You(Laughing) .okay Come, Pihu will get a gift

A new dress for new year and Dad will get that, with Mom’s money, I’ll give it. Now Mom is Dad’s secret Santa, So, did you see? Sister became my secret Santa today. I enjoyed playing with them

Merry Christmas from all of us, and Happy New Year, bye-bye

Happy New Year countdown

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